Saturday, April 01, 2006

The pig will be kosher

Shelah haKadosh, parshas Chayei Sara (Free Translation)

Evil will also have it's correction, as the sages said: the head of Esav rests in the lap of Yitzchok [in ma'aras hamechpela]. This is the secret of evil returning to be good, the secret that in the future the pig will be purified and the Holy One, blessed be He, will ritually slaughter [thus, rendering kosher] the מלאך המוות (Angel of Death), meaning that בלע המוות לנצח (Death will be swallowed up forever) and all that will remain is the מלאך (Angel). Because the head of klipa [source of evil] has a connection to kedusha, like the head of Esav in the lap of Yitzchok, but as it extends [into the world] it becomes impure.



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