Friday, February 16, 2007

Moshiach and New Neshomas

Maamorei Admor Ha'emtzai Drushei Chasana, 5643 understand how the quality of the neshomos of L'asid L'avo will be so high to such a degree that the neshomos of all the generations from Adam Harishon until the days of Moshiach will be considered on the level of physical food, like fish and physical meat of the Levayason and the shor habar, etc...

...these neshomos (of L'asid L'avo) are called completely new neshomos (and perhaps this is what Moshe said "and those who are not here" who won't come in physical bodies at all, only in L'asid L'avo in the days of Moshiach)....

...all Yisroel are the sons of kings, namely Yisroel arose in thought on the level of Sovev Hakloli, but the completely new neshomos are much higher than that--in Atzmus Ohr Ein Sof...



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