Sunday, September 21, 2008

A Plea for Moshiach (Baal Shem Tov)

It is written: "If you will chance upon a bird's nest...send away the mother bird..." The explanation in the Tikkunim is that in order to awaken rachamim we must beseech the Holy One, blessed be He: "Just as all birds have mercy on their offspring, shouldn't you have mercy on Your children?" At that time the Holy One says 'For my sake I will do it.'

The nest and the Holy birds the children of this world cry out "When will you open the heichal ken tzipor and send out Moshiach garbed in garments of vengeance, when will Moshiach receive mercy," as it states in Midrash that he is suffering great yissurim with chains of iron, and the kings of the house of Dovid and the prophets of Israel comfort him that he should come out to freedom and the chains of iron on him should be cut off.

"When will the poor rise from the dust, the poor from the wastebin and the light of ben Yishai, your Moshiach, will shine. When will Michoel stand on the mountain and call out 'a redeemer has come to Zion', when will you do it for Your sake if not for our sake?

"If we have no merit among us and there are no tzaddikim among us or baalei tzadakos, and we also lack z'chus Avos, as it says 'at the time their foot will falter' when z'chus Avos is finished, G-d forbid.

"Aren't You our father and you are a tzaddik and a great bestower of generosity with all Your creatures...You, Hashem, redeem us from the world of Your name. Do for the sake of Your name, do for the sake of Your throne of glory, do for the sake of Your shechina. And if the shechina and her troops stand before the throne of glory and also the sitra achara and his troops, who are the thorns and briars that surround the supernal shoshana, it is certain that You will judge with favor us and shechinas uzecha and not to gladden those who hate us, 'and all who worship statues shall be shamed', etc."

Kesser Shem Tov 415



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