Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Garments of Light

Shelah, parshas Ki Seitze

The essence of the man is pnimiyus and the body is the levush and his levush [when he was created] was like white snow כתנות אור with an aleph and his body and soul were luninaries. Adam קלקל fouled things up at the advice of the nachash hakadmoni and the adornment was removed from him and he was enclothed in skin and flesh and his body became materialistic כתנות עור with an ayin. Since then, the body is born from the loins for all the generations and built from a putrid drop due to the pollution of the nachash who came to Chava and deposited zuhama into her...In the future we will return and we will be like Adam before the sin, כתנות אור with an aleph, and we will live eternal life with no death…



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