Monday, April 27, 2009

Refining the Sparks: True Vengeance on the Enemy

"Hashem, be with me among those who help me, and I will see [vengence] in those who hate me." (Tehillim 118:7)

This verse suggests that there are those who help, and the request is that Hashem should be among them. And why does he request to see vengeance? Shouldn't he request that the enemies and haters be transformed into those who love him?
"Those who help me" refers to the nitzutzos (sparks) that have been refined, which are a man's true helpers (according to the known explanation that "not on bread alone does man live, but from all that comes from Hashem's mouth" [Ekev 8:3], that from refining the nitzutzos in mineral, vegetable, and animal he receives additinoal energy in his divine service, that the nitzutzos help and assist him).

So the explanation "Hashem should be among those who help me" is that this refers to the nitzutzos that have been refined ("those who help me"), that the refinement is from below to above, and then drawn down in them is a revelation of the name YKVK which is above the order of Creation (seder hishtalshelus). The combination of these two things comes from YKVK, the essential name (shem ha'etzem).

This also explains "I will see [vengeance] in those who hate me", that those who hate Dovid also hate Hashem, but there is no need to push them away completely, but rather to refine the nitzutzos within them. And by bringing out the nitzutzos from them, the evil is thus nullified. In this way we come to see G-dliness, "I will see in those who hate me", seeing G-dliness with our physical senses, even in worldly things.

As happened with my father-in-law, the Rebbe, that even the opposition -- despite that they remained in their reality -- they were forced (by the nitzutzos within them) to act according to the Divine intent, and there was a revelation of G-dliness (above nature) perceptable in nature.

Chassidic Discourse of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, 12 Tammuz 5717

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