Monday, August 11, 2008

True and Complete Geulah: Every Jew Who Ever Lived

The Redemption is commonly described as "the true and complete Redemption."

"Complete" implies that it encompasses every element of existence and includes every single Jew.

Herein lies one of the differences between the Future Redemption and the previous redemptions in our history. In the exodus from Egypt, the Jews who were not found worthy of being redeemed died in the plague of darkness. Similarly, in the return to Zion led by Ezra, the majority of the Jewish people remained in Babylon. In contrast, the Future Redemption will include all the members of our people: every single Jew will leave the exile.

(In an expanded sense, the Redemption will also affect those Jews who have not yet been born, for their birth will be hastened, and it will also affect the souls of the previous generations who will arise in the Resurrection of the Dead.)

Sicha of the Rebbe, Night Following the Eleventh of Menachem Av, 5751



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