Saturday, September 21, 2013

Four Fundemental Elements United

"And Sara died in Kiryas Arba, this is Chevron, in the land of Canaan." (Bereishis 23:2)

Rabbi Yitzchok said in the name of Rabbi Yochanon: the Holy One created man and put into him four things that are divided in the body. Rabbi Yehuda said [things that are] unified in the body. Rabbi Yitzchok said they are divided in the body because they divide up each to its own fundemental element when the person departs from this world. Rabbi Yehuda said they are unified in the body during his life.

Learn from the verse that states "and Sarah died", this refers to the body; "in Kiryas Arba", these are the four fundemental elements; "this is Chevron" means they were unified in his body in his life; "in the land of Canaan" means in this world.

Zohar, Chayei Sara 122b



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