Friday, June 05, 2009

We are Ready to Greet Moshiach

Ours is the last generation of the exile and the first generation of the redemption. The Previous Rebbe declared, "Immediately to teshuvah, immediately to redemption"; and in his era, we already completed this service. All that was necessary was to "polish the buttons" and "stand together, prepared" to greet Mashiach. Surely, our great efforts to spread Yiddishkeit and spread the wellsprings of Chassidus have also accomplished this and -- particularly after the passage of forty years when we have received "eyes to see and ears to hear" -- we are ready to greet Mashiach.

Lubavitcher Rebbe, Parshas Naso, 5751 (1991)

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Blogger aaron.nanach said...


Yashar koach for all your great posts YN.

Fri Jun 05, 10:38:00 AM EDT  
Blogger kwAmerica said...

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Thu Aug 27, 01:03:00 PM EDT  

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