Wednesday, January 21, 2009

All Israel are One Soul

Know that all Israel are called one soul and all of them are inclusively called Adam (man) it is written "all the soul [singular] that came with Yaakov, etc." they are called one soul. Just like the 248 organs/limbs of the body are one person, so too Israel--each one is one organ/limb as they are called in the Zohar, "שייפא דגופא". Just as there are different levels among the organs and limbs—this is the brain, this is the heart, this is the eye, this is the hand, etc.—so too are there different levels within Israel, each one higher than the next but still "שייפא דגופא", they are connected and form one man.

Shelah haKadosh (Rabbi Yeshaya Horowitz), parshas Vayeshev (free translation)



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