Thursday, January 01, 2009

An Unrefined Body Cannot Perceive Refined Physicality

R' Shmaryahu Gurary told a story in front of [the Rebbe Rashab] from R' Yisroel of Koznitz, that he said to his son "I no longer have a body". So his son grasped his [father's] hand and said "here is a hand." His father answered -- "you are touching with [an unrefined physical] body."

The Rebbe Rashab said (free translation): We understand [...] that the body is not a body before it becomes unified [with the spiritual].

Toras Sholom, p. 211



Blogger chanie said...

I keep seeing 'receive' instead of 'perceive' in the title. Perhaps it is both.

Sun Jan 04, 10:13:00 PM EST  

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