Friday, May 12, 2006

Pesach Sheni: "Why should we be deprived?"

Lubavitcher Rebbe, Pesach Sheni 5744

A plain Jew may think that he is unworthy of making demands, and that his demands wouldn’t be accepted anyway. Pesach Sheni teaches otherwise: The gulf between Jew and G-d is immensely wider than that between a plain Jew and one who is “the head of your tribe.” Yet, despite the vast gulf between a Jew and G-d, Jews demanded of G-d, “Why should we be deprived” — and their demand was accepted and Pesach Sheni was given as a mitzvah.

A Jew can learn from this how much power he has: Although there is such a gulf between him and G-d, he is able to demand something that concerns him — and G-d will accept the demand. Although this power is not of the Jew’s making but comes from G-d, he must know that G-d wants that a Jew should show that the lack of something concerning fear of Heaven affects him deeply.

It follows from the above that when Jews plead for the redemption they effect that it come more quickly than without their heartfelt cries.



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