Monday, September 23, 2013

Evil will be rectified

Yaakov and Esav were twins because also Evil will be rectified as the sages state: "the head of Esav rests in the lap of Yitzchok" which is the secret of Evil returning to the good, the secret that in the future the pig will become pure and the Holy One will slaughter the Angel of Death, namely "death will be swallowed forever" and it will remain an "Angel". Because the head of klipa has an attachment to kedusha like the head of Esav in the lap of Yitzchok, but when it extends from there it becomes tuma...Regarding סמא-ל Sama'el, the Sar of Esav, the סם "Sam" [poison] will be erased and the א-ל "Kel" [Divine name] will remain.

Shelah Hakadosh, parshas Chayei Sarah



Anonymous Noam said...

Yes a comment, but not on this post.
i saw your name on another site, google what is a baal nefesh, 'cause i wanted to know for myself. Rav fienstien uses it the mishne brura uses it
anyway the first/earliest use of it is in mishlay 23.
It is not a holy man, just somebody who cares about his soul and what he eats.

Wed Dec 15, 07:11:00 PM EST  

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