Thursday, February 26, 2009

When All the Neshomas Finish Their Gilgulim

Shelah Hakadosh, parshas Bereishis

Yevamos 64b: "Ben Dovid doesn't come until all the neshomas in the Guf are finished." The meaing of this is that now, in golus, there are very few new neshomas; the vast majority are merely gilgulim. But when these neshomas will be finished [completing their tikkun via gilgul] new neshomas will come. Then will be the geulah and the renewal of the hidden light and there will be new neshomas, as the verse states "the small will be a thousand, etc", meaning that the Holy One says "I will multiply you that you will give birth to very many in order that all the neshomas that are in the Guf should be finished", and then it is the moment of the Geulah, and the Holy One says Achishena ["I will hasten it"] because He speeds the Geulah.



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