Thursday, March 29, 2007

Tzaddik to Melech

From Tzaddik to Melech
Rabbi Yitzchak Ginsburgh

Every generation derives its life force and Divine sustanance from the Nosi Hador, and all the neshamos of the generation are connected to him. Therefore, the definition of the identity of the Nosi Hador changes from one generation to another. According to the Zohar there are ten types of neshomas of tzaddikim which over the generations come to be the Nosi Hador, and the last two types are Tzaddikim and Melachim. In our generation -- the last generation of golus and the first generation of geulah -- begins the transition from the manner of the Tzaddik (the manner of the great Rebbes of Chassidus) to the the manner of the King (Melech Hamoshiach).

It is a rectified transition which is generated without a crisis -- a "chiddush" born from the support and extension of the previous generations, which nurtures from their fertile soil. In this way Nosi Doreinu is both the last Tzaddik -- a leader of the miraculous type who is above the world and who shows the way in Divine service to individuals -- as well as serving as a King who takes open responsibility for the entire nation, guiding it to declare the establishment of the rectified Malchus Yisrael (Monarchy of Israel) in the Land of Israel, and to declare the fulfillment of the goals and commandments of the nation as a tzibbur (public, communal entity). (And the hint is: the Tzaddik which hints at the letter צ, gematria 90, which transforms to become the מלך, also gematria 90.)




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