Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Test: Waiting for Moshe to Come Down from the Mountain

The Test of Waiting Nisayon Hahamtana, Rabbi Yitzchok Ginsburgh

Before his sin Adam Harishon was the collective Chaya of the souls of Israel (from the five general levels of Nefesh, Ruach, Neshoma, Chaya, Yechida), and Moshiach will be the collective Yechida of the souls of Israel. If Adam Harishon had withstood the test of the tree of knowledge, he would have merited to the level of the "Yechida" and transformed himself into Moshiach. But he didn't withstand the test and he didn't wait 3 hours (until the onset of Shabbos, when the it would have become permissible to eat from the tree of knowledge).

Similarly, when Israel stood at Mount Sinai the venom of the primoridal snake was nullified -- they arrived at the state of Adam Harishon before the sin -- but once again they didn't withstand the test of waiting. They didn't wait for Moshe and sinned with the calf, and therefore they didn't merit to the coming of Moshiach in their generation. Why is there a need for a test of waiting in order to merit Moshiach? Withstanding a test reveals a person's higher powers, and when a person waits for something he strengthens his emunah in that thing and reveals this level within himself. One who waits for the tzaddik, for Moshiach, and withstands the test of his faith in him reveals the Moshiach within himself -- and he "transforms into Moshiach".




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