Saturday, October 27, 2007

Chassidus: Redemption with Mercy

Tanya, Igeres Hakodesh 26

On the verse, “And the wise shall shine like the radiance of the firmament,” [Daniel 12:3] Ra’aya Mehemna [Zohar] comments:

With this work of yours [of R. Shimon bar Yochai], which is the Book of the Zohar [...] with those [who study this work] no trial is needed. Because eventually the Jewish people will taste of the Tree of Life, which is this Book of the Zohar, they will go out of exile with it, in mercy. [...] In seeking their Redemption they will not have to resort to the favors of the gentile nations, whose patron angels are known as “strange gods.” Rather, G‑d Himself will lead them out of exile and redeem them.

Lessons in Tanya: The Zohar previously states that at the time of the final Redemption the Jewish people will be put to the test; those who belong to the “good side” of the universe will withstand it, while those who belong to the “side of evil” will not. As it is written,“Many will be refined and bleached and chastened, but the wicked will act wickedly; none of the wicked will understand, but the wise will understand.” The Zohar then states (as above) that those who study the Tree of Life, the Zohar [which the Rebbe explains in our days is contained within the teachings of Chassidus--ed.] will not need to be put to the test.



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