Thursday, October 23, 2008

Fear and Love of G-d

When the Rebbe Maharash was still a child the chassidim were fond of teasing him. Once, when he was five or six years old, one of the chassidim teased him on Shabbos Bereishis. The Rebbe Maharash said to him: "Chassidim know what Shabbos Bereishis is, but misnagdim have no desire to know. This Shabbos has special favor."

The chassid asked him: "What is the difference between chassidim and misnagdim?"

The Rebbe Maharash replied: "A misnaged fears G-d, but a chassid loves G-d."

[The Rebbe [Rayatz] explained this: If one fears G-d, he remains indifferent [to an understanding of G-dliness], but if one loves G-d, he wishes to know [all about Him]."]

Sefer HaToldos Admur Maharash



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