Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Future Body of Supernal Light

Rabbi Pinchas said, in the future the Holy One will beautify the bodies of the tzaddikim l'asid lavo, like the beauty of Adam Harishon when he entered Gan Eden...Rabbi Levi said, the neshoma as it is when it is still Above is nourished by the Supernal Light and enclothes in it. When it will enclothe itself in the body l'asid lavo, it will enter into that very same light mamash, then the body will radiate like the zohar harakia the radiance of the Heavens. This is what is written, hamaskilim yazhiru k'zohar harakiya the wise ones will radiate like the radiance of the Heavens.

Zohar, Vayera 113a



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