Saturday, January 31, 2009

Skin of the snake

Adam and Chava were naked, there was no garment between them and Hashem, as is said "your teacher will no longer be hidden and your eyes will behold your teacher".

[The three colors of the rainbow are the three klipos.]
About these three klipos it says "remove your shoes from your feet." When Moshe was enclothed in them he couldn't come close, but when he took them off he could come close."

[The fire of the korban [sacrifice] would remove these three klipos. The three klipos correspond to the three tefilos each day.]

Three klipos, about which is said "Hashem Elokim made for Adam and his wife katnos ohr [garments of skins] and dressed them". Originally katnos ohr with an aleph [meaning "light"]; after they sinned, katnos ohr with an ayin [meaning "skin"]. Ohr with an ayin ["skin"] is the skin of the primordial snake.

Tikunei Zohar 58



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