Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Moshiach NOW! (?)

Consequently on this Shabbos Mevorchim Menachem Av, let us emphasize the aspect of geulah -- redemption and liberation, and let us increase all activities that will bring closer that deliverance; "Immediate redemption" -- "Now."

At this juncture those who seek a pretext will come along and say, that the Previous Rebbe disseminated his call so many years ago and Moshiach still has not come -- if so, his words "immediate" are not so immediate?! And they present this argument with gusto! Woe unto them, that their personal state of destruction (golus -- exile) is so dismal.

The truth is, that when He said "Immediate repentance -- immediate redemption," he meant it! His intention was to bring the redemption immediately. But because of our transgressions we were not worthy. A year later, the Rebbe again proclaimed the same call, always stressing the immediacy of his pleas. Similarly, we too, today fully mean our call of "Moshiach Now!"

"But," you say, "first there must be teshuvah." Teshuvah takes only a split second!

Teshuvah means that you sincerely accept upon yourself the fulfillment of all Torah and mitzvos; all Torah is one unit, not many disparate and disjoined parts, therefore the acceptance of Torah is not time consuming, but instantaneous.

In Halachah we find this case clearly applied:
If one betroths a woman "... on the understanding that I am a righteous man," she is betrothed, even if he is absolutely wicked, for he may have meditated repentance in his thoughts." (Kiddushin 49b)
We see that thoughts of repentance can instantaneously convert the person from wicked to righteous!

[In that case of course the Rambam rules the betrothal is in doubt, because the Bais Din cannot actually know his thoughts.]

Our thoughts are revealed to G-d -- so the "Immediate repentance" does not cause any delay to the "Immediate redemption"! It can be at any moment. And if you feel that this rule of instantaneous righteousness will apply only to an individual Jew and not to a community, then remember the Rambam's rule:

If he fulfills one mitzvah [in action, speech, or thought] he turns the scale of merit in his favor and in that of the whole world and brings salvation and deliverance to all his fellow creatures and to himself. (Laws of Teshuvah 3:4)

Let all of these doubts be put out of your mind for they came from the side of evil -- and accept the call of the Rebbe "Immediate repentance -- immediate redemption, Now."

Sicha of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, parshas Pinchus, 5745 (1985)

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