Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Knowledge of Future Events by Holiest Tzaddikim

Chesed L'Avraham 4:26, R' Avraham Azulai זצוק"ל (Free Translation)

The reason for [the knowledge of future events by the Holiest tzaddikim] is that the neshoma is suited to know everything that will be in existence....Like a physical person knows his entire body as one entity, similarly that which is spiritual knows the entirety of existence as one because there are no obstructions.

The neshoma, a spiritual entity, draws down from the source of supernal spirituality. It is like a small version of the supernal intellect that influences everything and knows all the details of existence -- ongoing events as well as sudden events -- in the same way the intellect knows what happens in the body of a person. Thus, that neshoma which cleaves to the spiritual intellect which influences everything [in existence], knows all the details of existence. All neshomas are suited to comprehend this, but due to the fact that they are enclothed in physicality, the physical becomes a mask which separates and darkens the eyes of the intellect so that it can only comprehend the body in which it dwells.

Tzaddikim, whose neshomas are not enclothed in materiality but rather they cleave to the supernal spirituality, they will always know all the details of existence because their souls draw down from the supernal source.... Thus the Rashbi and [his son] R' Elazer and taddikim like them were able to know the totality of existence from the "eyes" of their neshomas, because their neshomas would cleave to the supernal spirituality and the entire world is like their "body", and their souls would cleave with the Intellect which governs everything and knows everything.



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