Monday, April 16, 2007

Why does golus continue?

Lubavitcher Rebbe

[After explaining a concept in chassidus pertaining to a type of avodah (Divine service) which leads us to l'Asid lavo, the Rebbe asks:] Already in the time of the gemara the sages said that all the "keitzin" were finished, and how much more so now after the announcement [of the Previous Rebbe] "immediately to geulah", and the announcement that nothing remains except "polishing the buttons" to receive Moshiach Tzidkeinu, and the announcement that the remaining avodah since then has been completed. After all this, what room is there to demand the concepts of avodah [discussed above] in order to bring us to the time to come, etc.? After all, it seems that it is all finished, the avodah and preparation towards the final geulah, the coming of Moshiach.

It is the greatest mystery that not a single person has noticed to ask this question, and the proof of this is from the fact that he still hasn't come, because if this subject really mattered to someone then Moshiach would already have been here yesterday and how much more so today in the morning and how much more so today in the afternoon and how much more so today at the time of the raava d'raavin [Shabbos Mincha]. It's just that the answer to this is quite simple, that this is due to the darkness of golus; but this itself is a question: why does the darkness of golus continue? is a certainty that we have already finished all the birurim - and consequently the entire world is ready for the geulah!! So the solitary reason why we are still stuck in golus is due to stubborness! Jews are stubborn, the stubborness of the opposite of kedusha, and for some bizarre reason they don't want to shout "Ad Mosai" ("how much longer").

Shabbos Parshas Tzav 5748 and Metzora 5746



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