Thursday, November 20, 2008

Palestinians (Plishtim) of Kedusha

Plishtim (Palestinians) is from the word "entrance" and "open", like the sages say about the verse "don't sit amongst scoffers" these are Plishtim. The matter is zeh leumas zeh asah Elokim that G-d made the holy and its opposite, and there is an aspect of Plishtim in kedusha (holiness) and an aspect of Plishtim in klipa (opposite of holiness). The aspect of Plishtim that is in kedusha is the aspect of revealing simcha (joy) in being bonded with Hashem in an open and revealed way and with unlimited expansiveness, the level of bchol meodecha with all of your might.

Torah Ohr Beshallach 61c



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