Sunday, May 29, 2011

Open the Eyes to See the Geulah

Now there needs only to be that they will open the “heart to know”, and they will open the “eyes to see”, and they will open the “ears to hear”. And in this way, to utilize the 248 physical limbs and 365 ligaments – in addition to learning Torah and fulfilling mitzvos generally – learning pnimiyus hatorah as it has been revealed in the teachings of Chassidus and fulfilling the instructions of our Rebbeim, including – learning the subjects of Geulah, in a way that this will open the heart and the eyes and the ears – and that they will understand , they will see and they will feel in absolute simplicity in the physicality of the world – the true and complete Geulah in actuality mamash, and to learn the Torah of Moshiach (pnimiyus hatorah) in a way of seeing, that all of this is already prepared, and there is only a need to open the eyes and they they will see this!

Sicha of the Rebbe, Parshas Vayeitze, 5752



Anonymous לימודים אקדמיים said...

Amen. Nothing is like studying, understanding and accepting god will

Sun Nov 13, 04:58:00 AM EST  

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