Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Moshiach standing in your room

Sicha, evening of 13 Nisan 5741

Every Jew believes in the coming of Moshiach, and is found in a state of "I await his coming every day".

A Jew needs to know that it is not enough to decide by himself that "I await him", meaning that he hopes and wants that he will wake up tomorrow morning and see that Moshiach is here; this is good ("I await him") -- but this doesn't become to an actual action, and "the action is the main thing".

A Jew needs to know that when he goes to sleep tonight, it should be in a way that when he wakes up in the morning and sees Moshiach (not only "standing behind our walls", but) standing next to him in his room -- he himself will be found in a state which is fitting to greet Moshiach!

This is not something that comes as a gift, it is something that needs to be done through effort and deed.

So then the evil inclination begins to disturb him and says: since for so many reasons you aren't the type who can get himself fit to greet Moshiach -- at least don't disturb your sleep! Don't think about disturbing things, give yourself a peaceful night, and afterwards you will get up with a clear head, and when Moshiach will say to you "Sholom aleichem" you will be able to answer him -- with a clear head -- "Aleichem sholom".

Why do you need to disturb yourself? With the coming of Moshiach there's a need to "dress" properly, meaning the levushim -- thought, speech and how much moreso action -- need to be suitable for a Jew that Moshiach will give him a "Sholom aleichem" -- and for sure this is beyond you!

We say to a Jew that "I don't demand according to My power, rather their power", and from this it is understood that it is in the power of every Jew to reach this proper state.

Furthermore we tell him, as a preface to greeting Moshiach there is the matter of "and you will be gathered one by one the children of Israel" (Yeshaya 27:12) -- as Rashi says to a small child who learns chumash, that the Holy One Himself comes and takes every Jew by the hand; but the Holy One wants that the Jew will walk with him afterwards (without need to pull and drag him).

We tell him explicitly that the Holy One helps him, and since the Holy One helps him, therefore "who can tell Him what to do"?

Specifically, that every Jew contains "a little piece of G-dliness" -- and all he needs to do is to clear away the dust that has gathered due to the "the heart of the fool at his left", and then his "little piece of G-dliness" will stir to life and go to work, until he will be one with the Holy One who is gathering together every jew "one by one".

When he brings himself to such a state he starts to prepare to greet Moshiach in the way that needs to be -- then it won't matter one bit to him what state he was in a moment before, since "in a single moment" he can bring about "cause Your countenance to shine, and we shall be saved" (Tehillim 80:20), which the commentators explain is in a manner of "everlasting salvation" (Yeshaya 45:17).



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