Sunday, February 17, 2008

Moshiach concealed

Just like we find that Moshe ascended to the rakia with body and soul and he was there for 40 days, similarly [it will be with] Moshiach after he merits to that neshoma [the unique neshoma of Moshiach] and he knows himself that he is Moshiach. Thus it is written that Moshiach will be revealed but the rest of the people will not recognize him yet. Afterwards Moshiach will be concealed in body and soul in the pillar [of black fire]--in the manner of Moshe when he came to the midst of the cloud [meaning that he divested himself of his material body]--for one year. Then they will remove him to the heavenslike Moshe ascended to the heavens, and afterwards Moshiach will be completely revealed and all Israel will recognize him and they will gather to him. (8/17/06)

Ohr Hachamah on Zohar Shemos 7b



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